resurrection power

William Lerrick

The resurrection of Jesus was done by the effectiveness of this force (power)

The one who has died can not be compared with the sick ones. He is much more advanced in the direction of decaying. So the resurrection of Jesus includes the demonstrations of the healing of all kinds of sickness and diseases (Literally: the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, etc., etc.) Hallelujah!

It is effective in all of us who believe (effusive)

Far above (beyond) all principality (rule), and power and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world (age), but also in that which is to come (in the future) future.

What a statement! What a hope! The victory is ours!

Some specific questions for life group (home group):


When Abraham's God is your God as well, the resurrection power must then also be effective in you, right? In the "believers" Eph.1 :19-22


What kind of power is this? Do You experience this power so real, or are you hoping that somehow it will take effect (in theory)?


This power, is also the power to cure (to  heal). Logically, then we can say:

- Every Christian should be a channel of God to heal (you)?

- Or Only if you have the gift to heal? Does it is written like this (in the Bible)?


If the force is not real for you:

a.    What are the hallmarks of Effectiveness of this force (power)?

b.    What kind of requirements must I have, to fulfill?

c.    What are the possible blockages that may be presence in your daily life

Jesus is risen, He lives! Hallelujah!

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Through his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection of Jesus, he has overcome and conquered everything. This has significance for us...